Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do As I Say Not As I Do!

Fall is here, autumn, time of harvest. Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season with the fast approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years Eve.

But the onset of the harvest season and especially Halloween is the most important holiday to pagans and wiccans alike. It is their New Year, the time of the samhain feast and sabbat.

Here in the bible belt of the United States I recently faced an eye opening surprise.

I work in the public school system in an area of North Carolina where it is quiet and everyone knows eachother. But when I went into a middle school library I could not believe the amount of paranormal, supernatural and, for lack of a better word, occult themed books! A majority of the students migrated towards this genre and a writing/reading assignment in an 8th grade Communications Skills class was to create a legend based on facts from the colonial period of the original 13 colonies of America. These kids were told to write about ghosts, hauntings and spirits. Me, I loved it but I know there are some parents that are not believers and this could possibly have turned into a situation much like the elementary kids who sang the "Obama" song depending on the severity of bible thumping.

But what was even more surprising was a visit to a book fair at the local elementary school. The different types of paranormal/supernatural books floored me including topics on vampires, seances, and your regular hauntings. These were not just presented in fiction and legend formats but also as researched material. Not a word of shock or surprise was uttered throughout the entire uptight PTA. Holy shit!

I am very opened minded but this all came as a surprise, a bit different from previous years.

What I'd like to know is: has the mentality and the level of acceptance also changed? Can we all accept one another without judgement allowing each to participate to achieve the greatest good for all?


Live Well.

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